Signs of a Bad Fuel Filter & How to Replace It

Bad Fuel Filter 8 Jul 2020

Signs of a Bad Fuel Filter & How to Replace It

Are you facing issues in the fuel filter of your vehicle? If the answer is yes then no worries!! Usually, people neglect this part of the engine and don’t pay attention to this part of the car. Even though, there is less information on the internet about the replacement of the filter. In this blog, we discuss the indications of bad fuel filter in your vehicle. Let’s go further altogether and discuss what is fuel filter and how does it work.

What is Fuel Filter?

The fuel in your vehicle goes from the fuel tank to the engine of your car where it generates power. The fuel filter is designed along with the fuel line to remove all dirt & impurities from the engine. Without filtration, this might would damage the engine of your car with diets & contaminated impurities.

Fuel filter does its job of removing impurities with the passage of time and it might become clogged with the dirt that filtered out from the fuel. If the situation happens then, it will be hard for the fuel itself to go through the filtration process, this leads to another big issue.

Hence, there is no doubt that your fuel filter of the vehicle should always be in the best performance. Before this, you should know the symptoms of the bad filters so that you can work on it and more about a few things.

Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Filter

Hard to Start the Vehicle–

The first & foremost common sign of a bad fuel filter is that you are not able to start your vehicle. In other words, it’s too hard to start the car, or even in some cases it completely fails. The reason behind this dirtiness or impurities in the fuel filter which further restrict the vehicle to fire up the engine.

In some cases, there might be a situation when the vehicle starts after so many attempts. However, it depends upon the vehicle to vehicle. Before blaming on fuel filter, once check the other common running up issues also like a dead battery or faulty starter. In spite of this, still you face the same issues, it simply indicates the bad fuel filter.

Check Engine’ Light–

Sometimes the light of your car’s engine turns on and there is no doubt that several reasons persist behind this. But bad fuel filter can also be responsible for this. There might be some dirt in the fuel filter and not be in position to move smoothly so, the job of filter will stop there. In this way, the bad fuel filter can lead to turning on the engine light.

Damaged of Fuel Pump–

If the issue gets awful enough, your fuel pump may likewise get harmed and quit working. The purpose behind this is really clear: when your fuel filter is filled with impurities then, obviously the fuel pump needs to make a solid effort to get fuel moving through the lines. On the off chance that this continues for a really long time, the fuel pump itself may wind up in the end. In this situation, you literally need a good professional mechanic to repair the fuel pump of your car.

Inconsistent Power

If you have a bad fuel filter then, obviously the fuel will take a long time to move from tank to engine. Subsequently, your engine might end up generating consistent power while driving.

How to Change Your Fuel Filter?

The best part is that if you are able to find the issue in the fuel filter in the first sign of the problem then, there will no extra issues in your vehicle. However, replacing the fuel filters is quite easy & simple!! You can change it yourself or through any mechanic. The Process of Replacement are-

  • Relieve the Pressure in Fuel Lines- The first and most important step in changing the fuel filter is to relieve the pressure in the fuel lines by disabling the electric fuel pump. For this, you need to remove the fuse of the fuel pump. In this manner, the fuel lines can be a disconnect from the fuel filter.
  • Look at the arrow that indicates in which fuel will flow– This is important to check to ensure that it is installed properly.
  • Remove the Screws held by old filter- In order to installation of a new one, you need to remove the screws of the old filter and then reattach the fuel lines with filter.
  • Now, it’s time to place the fuse for the fuel pump
  • Do Final check on the filter– Crosscheck the whether if there is some leakage or not.

Wrap up!!

Hope, you got clear with the above all!! So, make sure of all above points for bad fuel filter and keep all the steps in mind while replacing the filter. If you need used car’s part in Brisbane at cheaper prices then, request for online quote

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