Sell Your Junk Car – Your 13 Best Options on How to Scrap a Car

Sell Your Junk Car – Your 13 Best Options on How to Scrap a Car 8 Nov 2019

Are you worried about your wrecked car? Don’t be surprised when we say there are businesses out there who will buy your cars. No matter if it’s wrecked or severely damaged, there are just a call away. They will reach out to you with better quotes which you won’t ignore. is one such buyer who will make your task easy.
But then again, there are choices to be made. These choices will be possible only after better reviewing and then deciding.

What are the options available to sell the junk car?

  1. Auto Salvage Yards (Local)-

    A seekers of what we offer them in the name of junk care better to say. They are willing to buy as because the inside parts are usable.
    Feel like contacting them? Use the local yellow pages or get online to find better quotes for your junk car. Compare and decide. Make sure you check out the weather before contacting. No auto salvage yards tow vehicles in bad weather.

    • Notes:
      • Ask their policy before you plan to sell.
      • Be assured about the paperwork. If the yards miss, the liability arises on your hands.
      • Don’t accept the lower price after the car is hooked. Sometimes, they force to accept less, etc.
  2. Wreckery Car Wreckers-

    Nation premiere, this is what they are denoted as. They offer cash for junk cars and purchase more than 1000’s of it. This is not a yearly estimate, it’s a monthly buying across the Unites States.
    They have a wide network of auto salvage yards and tow trucks. They provide the best services using the same. Make sure to call them.

    • Notes:
      • No long waiting hours. Receive quotation soon as they have a regular email follow-up.
      • The company culture includes- Professionalism and courtesy. They never delay the work.
      • They offer free towing services worldwide.
  3. Pick and Pull-

    Pick and Pull accept any car in any condition in locations nationwide. So, if your vehicle is in bad condition and has valuable parts, they are the right choice.
    All you need is to keep your vehicle available in towing zone of “Pick and Pull”.

  4. Craigslist-

    Craigslist is for those who wish to sell junk cars through different paths. They offer better independent price. Just create an ad and look for buyers. It is slow but it’s worth.

    • Notes for consideration:
      • The process takes time as buyers demand to see the vehicle before purchase.
      • Make sure to provide clear photographs with an accurate condition.
      • Be careful with flipping car hobby people.
  5. Cash for Junk car services-

    Unlike Car Wreckers Brisbane there are others in the line like,

    • Copart Direct- Auto auction division is their speciality. Their other sections deal with junk cars buying. They conduct with the public and maintain B2B company.
    • US Junk cars
    • Peddle, etc
  6. Local Ad or newspapers classifieds-

    Post a picture of a vehicle with a small description in the classified ads section of newspapers. Don’t forget to add the word Junk cars in the body of the advertisement.

    • Notes:
      • Less chance to get a buyer.
      • High cost.
  7. Trade it in-

    Trade your old car when you a buy a new one. Make sure to get the right worth as some dealerships they send it ours to a local provider. These local providers then markup price.
    Make sure before you approach a dealer, you clean car’s interiors.

  8. EBAY-

    Make sure to check eBay as sometimes people approach to buy junk cars. They used them for their projects.
    Make sure to have patience as this is time taking. Just create an account and follow prompts.

  9. Selling valuable parts-

    Consider well before you move to a mechanic. They charge $100 for an hour. If the value of parts is less than what they earn removing, it’s not worth. Value every part properly whether its engine for $500 or transmission for $250. Know the worth.
    It will be better if you know you know how to remove parts on your own. This saves money.
    Just make sure to have a proper cost to benefit analysis. This will help save money and get the right worth.

  10. Demolition Derby car-

    Sell it the same. If you get yourself listed herein or have any buyer who is interested to buy the car as such, don’t hesitate. You will get a better worth.

  11. Sell on Facebook-

    Post a picture, describe the condition. If lucky, your slim chance will approach. Use techniques to increase the chance of a sale. Use the group, connect around, post therein and sell it. Research is needed but in the end but the social environment is worth.

  12. High-traffic area parking and advertising-

    Do not get into this technique in urban areas as this will get fines issued. This technique is useful in rural areas and small towns. People will show interest in this high-traffic, sale sign.

    • Tips:
      • Post price and contact details.
      • Make sure signboards are readable at the speed of cars moving. No extra signs.
  13. Resale fix-up-

    People with passion work on cars. They fix them for resale but remember to keep track over parts replacement cost. Managerial skills are another important thing to notice. Make sure either it’s worth or not.

Whatever option you choose, make sure its worth the pay.

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