Reducing Motor Vehicle Emissions

27 Nov 2018

Pollution is one of the major threats that the world is facing today. It has taken over most of the countries around the world. One of the key attributes of pollution is the lowering of cleanliness levels in all spheres of life. The Earth comprises of certain natural elements that form the basis of existence for all living beings. The basic natural elements are water, air and soil. These are free gifts of nature that are known as natural resources. They are available to us in abundance as without these elements, sustaining life on Earth would be impossible.

We breathe in the oxygen from the air and given out carbon dioxide which is used by the plants to prepare food. We use water for drinking, bathing, washing, etc. Land is made of soil; we live on this land, grow crops on it and reap the benefits of its fruits throughout our life. Thus, these free gifts of nature are indispensible to human beings in particular, and to living beings in general.
Light Vehicle Emission
However, current trends and reports suggest that the quality and purity of the natural resources has been deteriorating drastically. This could be due to a number of factors. Firstly, the increase in the global population has led to a greater stress on the natural resources than necessary. Increase use of water, air and land resources along with the dumping of waste materials that the vast population generates is alarming. The introduction of industrialization and globalization is another central factor that is seen as a cause of pollution. Increase in the production of goods means more utilization of limited resources and increase in waste matter. Thus, the level of pollution is continuously on the rise.

In recent times, the emission of various gases from vehicles has also been a major concern as they emit pollutants in high quantities. This is why most countries have set standards based on limiting the amount of pollutants that a vehicle emits. This has also become a major concern because of the increase in the number of vehicles that are in use nowadays in comparison to the lower number of vehicles that were in use in the past.

Like most of the other countries around the world, Australia has also come up with certain policies and programs to limit the emission of pollutants from the vehicles. New South Wales (NSW) is implementing an environmental rating system to encourage manufacturers to produce environment-friendly cars and for buyers to invest in such cars.

In such situations that cars have to undergo certain checks and tests before they are fit to enter the market. There are certain set standards that signify whether the car is emitting pollutants more than or less than the set limit. The factors that form the basis of the examination are the quality of the fuel and the quantity of the fuel that the vehicle requires.

The Chemistry of Vehicle Emissions Reduction & The Volkswagen Scandal

Approved Methods for the Sampling and Analysis of Air Pollutants in NSW:

There are set methods for the analysis and sampling of air pollutants. This includes the emission of pollutants from sources that are stationary. It also involves a constant check over these sources of pollution. Factors like the presence of pollutants in the surrounding air, the qualities of the petroleum products, etc. are also taken into account while testing motor vehicles.
Smoky vehicles: A motor vehicle that emits smoke that is visible for 10 seconds at a stretch is a smoky vehicle. The goal of this program is to reduce the emission of the pollutants by ensuring that the owners maintain their vehicles in a correct manner and if they can’t maintain their old smoky vehicles then selling it to auto recycling company is the best option to get some money from it.

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