How to Prepare Your Own Emergency Car Kit?

Emergency Car Kit 19 Jan 2021

What If you find yourself in emergencies? You should either plan to carry your own emergency kit or buy pre-packaged available online or from auto parts stores. A car breakdown or accident situations are quite stressful if we don’t have our well-equipped Emergency Car Kit!! But you need to put on the right handy items that help to reduce the stress coming from such incidents. Isn’t it so? If you want to make your own then, let’s read our blog, we have come up with a list of the items that you must add to it.

Let’s Build Your Own Fully Stocked Emergency Car Kit

Car Manual – Direct Answer Book

What if anything goes wrong technically while driving? Of Course, it often happens!! In this situation, if you have the car manual then, you can find the direct answer from it. The manual has all the instructions for changing light bulbs, top-up fluids, creating the best tire pressure, and change of car fuses. In case, you have taken out it from the vehicle then, make sure to return it back to its place!! It’s one of the best items in an emergency car kit.

Spare Tyre & Accessories

Is it possible to rely always on roadside assistance to change the tyre of your vehicle in an emergency? Of Course Not!! What if your phone has no network range or died? In such situations, how can you call a mechanic? That’s why make sure you have all the necessary items (jack and wheel brace spanner) that allow you to change tyre properly. You should always have a spare tyre in your vehicle and make sure that it’s suitably inflated as well!!

The other most important thing you should have – include a flat and sturdy board in your vehicle!! It will allow you to place the jack on it before use if the ground is uneven and boggy. Additionally, you also need to carry a hand-held tyre gauge that ensures that the right pressure has been created. Don’t forget to put on a portable tool for pumping up your in your own emergency Kit.

Basic Tool Kit-

You can purchase it from any auto dealer or if you want to make your own then, put on the below mention items in it-

  • Spark plugs
  • Light bulbs and fuses
  • WD40
  • Electrical tape
  • Rags/old towel/work gloves
  • Parachute cord/rope
  • Vice grips
  • Socket, spanner & shifter set
  • Screwdriver with changeable bits
  • Regular & needle-nose pliers

Roadside Safety Necessities–

All the Roadside Safety Necessities should be added on to your kit such as A compact fire extinguisher, a Hi-vis safety vest to wear if you are working on your car near a road and a reflective triangle to warn other vehicles for disclosing them that you are in an emergency situation.

Torch and Spare Batteries–

If you are in an emergency situation at night time then, the first tool you keep on search is – Torch!! No Doubt, our smartphones have built-in torches but they don’t offer lots of brightness and often consume battery quickly. Instead of draining your phone battery, it’s better to put on a handheld torch. Plus, it can also help in assisting signals to oncoming motorists for helping you or for an indication of danger.

First-aid Kit–

You must have a basic First-aid Kit in your vehicle in case of a medical emergency. Moreover, you can purchase premade first aid kits, or create one at home. Let’s look at some suggestions for putting items in it-

  • Sterile tubes of saline solution
  • Hydrogel, instant cold pack & a thermal blanket
  • Resuscitation mask or face shield for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  • Different Sizes of crepe stretch bandages
  • Hand sanitizer, alcohol swabs, and ointments made to reduce inflammation.

Jumper leads or Jump starter pack

It’s one of the best useful tools that you must add to your kit. Jumper Leads help you in getting battery backup if your battery drains easily on leaving lights & radio playing for a long period. On the contrary, a jump starter pack helps you in starting your vehicle without helping other vehicles. Sometimes, the battery may not start when it’s a park in an awkward position.

Additional Items-

  • Put on Portable Phone Charger
  • Notepad and pencil for taking down all the details of another vehicle if you met an accident
  • A fleece blanket and a disposable raincoat are really helpful because breakdown can happen in any weather
  • Bring spare cash in your emergency kit

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