Common Collision Damage and How Auto Technicians Fix it

common collision damage 12 Oct 2018

Collision reconditioning is a great technology for people who aspire to be automotive technicians. The number of cars on the roads continues to increase. Car accidents or collision damage are bound to happen as long as you see can see cars running. This gives automotive technicians the opportunity to use their skills in a diverse manner.

Common Collision Damage how automotive technicians fix them.

Since one cannot avoid collisions, this technology will keep employing people over time. However, if you hold an interest in collision technology, we are here to list the types of collision damage.

Listed below are the common kinds of collisions that take place in an accident.

Most Common Front Collision Damage

This is the most common kind of collision damage. The technicians usually face problems while repairing the front bumper. A bumper has 28% chances of severe damages in a front collision. It happens because of the direct contact with another vehicle. A fender protects the rest of the car when the accident causes damage to the front of the car. However, the fender is commonly the only part to face damage in a minor collision.

Most Common Rear Collision Damage

The part that faces the most damage in this kind of collision is the rear bumper. Since it comes in direct contact during the collision, the damage is obvious and major. The bumper does the same job as a fender. It protects the rest of the car when the rear bumper is hit in a collision. The bumper takes more damage in both cases of collision.

What Does This Mean for Aspiring Collision Repair Technicians?

  • Since the most commonly damaged parts are bumpers, automotive technicians achieve training to repair the same.
  • automotive technicians must have a good knowledge about the repair of these parts.
  • They should be able to assess the kind and degree of damage.
  • Technicians must also know how to repair a fender.

How to Repair Fender and Bumper Damage?

The most common visible damages in such collision damage are dents, deep cracks, scratches, and minor cracks. The automotive technicians can fill minor cracks with the help of wax. The repair of deeper cracks takes place with the help of epoxy paint. Dents are repaired using a vacuum to restore the original condition of the car. If the damage is beyond repair, the technician might also have to replace the bumper or fender.

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